queXML comprises of an XML Schema and related XML stylesheets. To write a queXML document, all you need is a text editor, but to verify that your XML document is valid, and to apply the stylesheets - you will require either a complete XML editor or a text editor and XML conversion software. Also, to produce an PDF (paper) version of a questionnaire, you will require an XML:FO to PDF tool such as Apache FOP and the barcoding tool Barcode4j OR you can use the queXMLPDF class which requires PHP and TCPDF.

The queXML package contains an example queXML document that you can use as a template to produce a questionnaire of your own.

queXML is available to download from SourceForge

Included is a queX Suite download for Windows which allows you to run/test all the software in the queX Suite on Windows.

Developers note:

The queXML SVN repository is also available via SourceForge here: